Spiritual Meaning of Hearing Loud Pops, Cracks or Clapping

Colleen Smith
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Have you ever experienced a noise that seemed to have come out of thin air and, after investigation, has remained an unsolved mystery of its physical origin? Most likely you were alone when it occurred, or if others were around, you may have discovered you were the only one who heard the noise. The good news is that you’re not crazy! This is a real thing that happens to people who are more in tune with their spirituality and who are currently developing or strengthening the spiritual aspects of themselves.

A few weeks ago, as I sat on my couch alone in my quiet apartment, I heard a loud pop beside me. It was so loud that it actually caused me to jump as I was so startled by it! In all fairness, there are quite a few frequent building noises that occur where I live and there can be the odd commotion that takes place from outside — all of which I have gotten used to over the years. I had a glass of water on the table beside me and at first, I wondered if the glass had somehow cracked or if ice in the glass had popped as the sound was similar. There were no glass cracks and there was no ice in my glass. That night, as I ruled out all possibilities of what this popping sound was, I am still convinced that it really did come out of thin air.

I’ve experienced my fair share of oddities and spiritual phenomenon over the past several years that include hearing disembodied voices shouting “HEY!!!” from time to time as I drift off to sleep, regular ear “beeping” (aka ear ringing, that isn’t tinnitus) and the rare occasion of seeing flashes of light out of the corner of my eye. The popping sound was something brand new. I checked in with my spiritual mentor and teacher about it and learned that she too had experienced similar sounds, although hers were heard more like lightning and thunder sounds. After some digging around, I have realized a theory of what this noise phenomenon might be.

High frequency energy and higher vibrational beings that are not of our earthly reality travel in ways that our human minds cannot comprehend. If you are vibrating at a higher frequency, it’s likely you are attracting these higher vibrational beings and energies. Although these beings are not usually seen by our physical eyesight, there are often signs they are near such as hearing noises (also a sign that you are becoming more receptive to clairaudience channeling, or clear-hearing), seeing recurring number patterns, or getting a special feeling in your body. The way you receive the messages will depend on what your primary extra sensory perceptions are of the 5 clairs (you can read more about that here).

To hear such a loud popping sound, literally out of thin air like how I did, can indicate that a high vibrational being has traveled at a very high speed into, and through our dimension. This is known by some spiritual teachers as a rapport. The sound that occurs is sort of like the sonic boom of frequencies crossing each other at different densities. Our existence on earth is quite low in density, so when high vibrational energies come through in the right place at the right time, it produces shock waves that create a sound in our reality. Some people experience this as hearing a cracking sound (like lightning) or a clap rather than a pop.

The specific reason for why these higher vibrational spirits or frequencies come through as such could vary. One speculation could be that the being is trying to initiate contact with you, in a positive way, as though trying to get your attention. It could be a spirit guide or other loving entity coming by to communicate with you. Another reason could be that your extra sensory perceptions are opening up (especially if you’re gifted with clairaudience), or that your pineal gland (third eye chakra) is suddenly opening.

After reading the series, The Convoluted Universe by Dolores Cannon, another theory is that hearing popping, cracking, clapping or thundering sound could be related to inter-dimensional travel that has occured with you and the beings that have come by for a visit to whisk you away for spiritual training/upgrades. After learning how often this occurs to people, who have absolutely no waking recollection of the event, I am not ruling it out as a possibility. In her research, she describes the accounts of a multitude of individuals who, under deep hypnosis, reported similar events that they claim happened in our reality in a flash of a second. So fast that they didn’t even know they were gone.

These are only a few ideas of what the sound could mean and not at all limited to these suggestions. This type of experience is personal and my advice is to go with your intuition on what the meaning or message is, even if it doesn’t make clear sense to you or others at this time. The idea is to keep an open mind and trust that if there was a message to be heard through your experience, that it will come through to your consciousness when it’s the appropriate time.

I hope this article helps you to make sense of any strange or random noises you may have heard and given you some comfort that you are not alone!

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