Discover your unique powers. Five Psychic Gifts, Explained.

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Did you know that there are 5 different extra sensory perceptions that each one of us may experience on a daily basis? These senses are different from the regular physical senses that we all know as they are more widely known as being “psychic” senses.

Like intuition, we all have special extra sensory gifts that are at our disposal should we make the decision to acknowledge and develop them. The clairs are more like specific, refined forms of intuition. However you receive and listen to these intuitive messages will be unique to you. If you don’t think you have a psychic sense, you may be surprised to learn that most people use a specific intuitive gift frequently without even being aware of it! It’s likely that you already have one definite primary extra sensory gift that stands out above the rest, even if you don’t understand or know what it is. Aside from the primary sense, it’s also possible to experience all five extra sensory, psychic gifts at varying degrees. These intuitive gifts are the ways that our higher selves, source and spirit guides use to get our attention in order to get us on the right path, to avoid certain people or situations and protect us from potential harm. They can even be used as ways to help others.

The “clairs” are a part of psychic development that naturally occurs in most humans. It’s true that some people need to work harder on it than others; however, these gifts are available to everyone. You don’t have to be a psychic, or even believe in that sort of thing in order to use these gifts to positively improve your life and wellbeing. In the list that follows, it’s likely you will identify with one or more of these gifts that are more like special qualities about yourself that you know to be true.

Clairvoyant (Clear-Seeing)

This is the most widely known of the clairs. When most people hear the word, they often immediately think of the traditional scammer-psychic with the crystal ball and headband scarf (I know I do!). Because of this stereotype, I had a tough time accepting that this was one of my more primary psychic gifts. As I did not understand the true meaning of clairvoyance, I would always associate it with the infomercials from Miss Cleo and therefore I did not allow it to develop for a long time. I’m glad I finally allowed this one to come through as it now helps me in my work as a Reiki Master!

Clairvoyance is the ability to see clearly through your mind’s eye, in mediation, in clear consciousness or for some, it is the ability to see spirits that others cannot. If you are clairvoyant, you may see clear images in your mind’s eye that are still or that play like a movie. These images may come through as premonitions or as information about a situation, person or event that you need to see. Clairvoyants typically have excellent visualization skills, vivid imaginations and are can be highly creative. Some clairvoyants experience vivid dreams that they know are premonitions or predictions about events that could unfold. More often, the gift of clairvoyance is to show you what you’re not seeing with your physical eyes as a way to help you or others.

Clairsentient (Clear-Feeling)

This clair is one of the more prominent ones that people experience, in my opinion. Tons of people lately are noticing their empathic gifts, which is also known as clairsentience. To be empathic means to feel sensations in your body as confirmation of information being true or false. Most empaths know by feeling if someone is lying, not being genuine or if someone has good vibes and good intentions. These individuals will generally complain of uncomfortable sensations in the body if they are around low vibrational energies (people, situations, places) or even if they are around another person who is in actual physical pain. These individuals typically classify themselves as being highly sensitive due to their heightened awareness and sensitivities to their surroundings.

I personally hold this clair as my primary one, and can attest to the variety of feeling sensations that arise in different situations. Aside from physical feelings felt in the body, emotions also play an important role in the life of an empathic person. It’s not uncommon for an empathic individual to pick up the feelings of another person who may be feeling sad, angry, lonely, depressed, etc. I remember once getting into an elevator with another woman who was already inside. I was feeling pretty good that day and in the 30 second ride, I got out feeling absolutely hopeless, depressed and aweful. This is usually a sign that you’ve picked up someone else’s stuff and you need to get rid of it ASAP. It’s important for empaths to regularly cleanse their energetic fields and to use daily energy protection methods. Some of my favorite protection methods are carrying or using crystals, prayer or imagining a protective light surrounding me before I go out. Smudging with sage or palo santo, showering or taking salt baths are great ways to rid yourself of residual energies from the day. To learn more about being an empath, check out my article here.

Clairaudient (Clear-Hearing)

Not to be confused with hearing voices in your head telling you to do weird things, clairaudience is the gift of clearly hearing loving guidance from your higher self or spirit guides. People who have this gift may hear loving voices speaking to them quietly in their ear or as loud voices urging them to do something that is important. If you hear them shouting, especially if it’s for your safety, be sure to listen! As with all the psychic senses, the messages will repeat themselves in the way they are being presented to you until they are heard. In this case, literally heard. Some people may also hear other noises, like pleasant music playing, clapping or other types of high vibrational sounds that don’t seem to have a physical source. These are usually signs that a higher vibrational being is trying to get your attention on something important.

Claircognizance (Clear-Knowing)

If you’ve ever had information about an event in history, about a person, place or thing that ended up being true even though you had no recollection of learning it from a physical source, it’s likely you experience claircognizance. This gift of clear knowing usually comes at a shock to people at first as they cannot find the source of their knowledge of certain things that were proven to be correct. They somehow find themselves just knowing things without really knowing how they know. The faith and conviction of their knowingness is usually so strong that it is unwavering.

If you have this gift, you may also have lots of really good ideas that nobody has ever thought of before, a real creative streak with your thinking. People with this gift may notice themselves excelling as inventors, investors, being very business savvy, whistle-blowers or truth seekers. You may have had a great idea for an invention in the past and ended up seeing someone else with the same idea later on — the very idea that you didn’t take action on! If you come up with a great idea for a business or invention, trust it and do some research on it before sharing it with others. You may also find yourself just knowing which way to go with your business or investment or knowing something that is being spread by the media is false, even without current evidence.

Clairalient, Clairgustance (Clear-Smelling & Clear Tasting)

This type of clair is more distinct in that a person with clear-smelling or tasting may find themselves enjoying the aroma or taste of something that isn’t really there. Tastes and smells can often trigger memories in people; however, this type of gift generally occurs as intuitive guidance for the person experiencing it. For example, if a good spirit is present, the person may smell a pleasant aroma in the air that has no physical source. The opposite would be true if there was a bad spirit around. You may get a bad taste in their mouth when something is “off” about a situation or person, or you may be reminded of the taste of grandma’s baking while in the presence of someone that fills them with pleasant thoughts and feelings.

However you experience these psychic abilities, remember to trust them as being helpful navigational tools for life. These gifts are helpful in guiding us in the right direction in life, avoiding unnecessary problems and situations and protecting us from danger. The more you listen to your intuitive urges, the more they will develop and the better you will be at utilizing them in your daily life to help yourself and others.

I hope this article helps you to discover your own unique psychic gifts.

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