Spiritual Meaning Behind Spilling Water

Colleen Smith
5 min readMay 20, 2020


Over the last five years, I’ve found myself accidentally knocking over full cups of water more often than I’d like to admit. I recall stretches of a few months in a row where I would spill something (mostly full cups of water) all over the floor or counter once, maybe twice a week on average. Over time, I started to notice my clumsy spilling habit wasn’t limited to only water. Everything would spill: full cups of water, big bowls of leftover soup broth, coffee, etc. Then, it would stop and I wouldn’t spill anything for months or years in between before it would start up again. I couldn’t figure out why I kept accidentally knocking cups and bowls full of liquid over all the time.

What inspired me to write this article is that it started happening to me again lately after a period of inactivity. I took a full cup of water to bed with me and the entire cup somehow fell out of my hand and went all over the floor. What could this mean and how was this recurring event trying to get my attention?It reminded me that in the past, I had searched for any sort of spiritual meaning related to accidentally spilling water, hoping to get some clarity, but each search came up empty. I searched again, and there was still no other information out there on what this could mean in my life.

Being quite sensitive to noticing recurring patterns and signs from the Universe, I figured there has to be some sort of a message behind my pattern of accidentally spilling water (and other liquids) on a regular basis. Knowing that I’m not a sloppy or careless person, it really did seem like an attempt by the Universe to get my attention. Our spirit guides have a lot of different ways to deliver ideas and messages to us or if they want to get our attention. More specifically, to encourage us to pay attention to something going on in our lives so that we can change it, heal it or release it. Influencing us to spill water is a pretty loud and clear message that something is going on or about to happen. After my own recent water spillage event last week, I think I finally understand the messages that could be behind it.

Water is traditionally and psychologically symbolic of our emotions. Dreaming of water is one of the most common types of dreams that people have and is usually a reflection of the subconscious, emotional state. The state of the water in a dream also symbolizes the type of emotion one may be experiencing. For example, still water represents peace, calm and contentment in life. A raging river can symbolize that you are moving too fast. A tsunami can represent feelings of discontentment in life and unexpressed feelings. A tidal wave indicates overwhelm and can be indicative of financial burden or worry. These are only some of many more examples that I encourage you to research for yourself so that you can understand what’s behind the symbology on a personal level.

So, what do dreams have to do with spilling over a glass of water? By looking at the dream meanings of water, it gave me some clues as to what it could mean for me in my waking life. By having awareness towards current life events and your emotions surrounding them, you can learn to decode the messages that the universe is reflecting back to you.

What does it mean to spill water?

bamboo waterfall

Flowing water symbolizes movement and fluidity. Accidentally spilling over cups of water (or other liquid) can indicate any of the following in life:

  • There are hidden or trapped emotions that you need to release now in order to restore the energetic flow and balance in your life. This is most likely the message behind repeated accidental spillages, especially if it’s recurring over a short period of time. This could especially be true if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, stressed out or depressed.
  • An indication that good energy is flowing the way that it should be. I suggest this to be the case if you accidentally spill a cup of water only once in a while.
  • A lucky omen symbolizing that the “floodgates” are about to open for you in your life or business, and in a good way. This can also be likely for recurring liquid spillages in a short period of time that begin suddenly, especially if you’ve endured a long period of struggle in your life. It indicates that hardships are on their way out, being “washed away” and that new beginnings are on the horizon.

The meaning associated with the liquid spilling will likely be a little bit different for everyone so pay attention to how you are feeling when it happens. Match the meaning to what’s currently going on in your waking life. Also, pay attention to where the water has spilled as the place (or direction) it trickles to may be pointing to something that requires your attention (a lost article or item under a piece of furniture, or something that needs to be fixed that you hadn’t noticed before, etc.). Spirit and the angels have interesting ways of communicating their messages to us, so keep an open mind to all the possibilities!

I hope this article helps you to discover the meaning behind your own experiences with spilling water. Leave me a comment below to share your own story about recurring phenomenon experiences!

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