How to develop your intuition in a few easy steps.

Colleen Smith
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Most people have heard of the word throughout their lives, acknowledge it as being a part of themselves and actively work towards further developing it as a skill. More and more people are now waking up to this special gift that they have and the word intuition is becoming more mainstream and acceptable and widely known as real part of the human experience. What many people don’t realize is that intuition is so much more than just a special psychic gift that humans embody and possess. We can use it to help us navigate through life, to protect ourselves and to help lead us to our highest good. Later in this article, I will teach you how you can strengthen your intuition with a few simple tricks and tools that will help enhance all aspects of your life!

The intuition is part of every human being and plays an integral role to our survival. Unfortunately for centuries, the intuition has been described and thought of by many as a special psychic gift that you either have or don’t have. This is simply not true. But what does reign true, is that so many people ignore their intuitions for most of their lives. With the world the way it is now, utilizing and trusting your intuition is becoming a life skill that must be developed. In fact, I don’t consider the intuition to be a psychic gift, but something that occurs naturally in all of us.

As we enter this brand new era of fake news, being coerced into communicating with people who sit behind computers or devices, potential conspiracy theories and corruption, it’s becoming more and more difficult to know what’s real vs. what isn’t. To simply trust that what we see is what we get is proving to be an outdated way of thinking as we evolve at this time in history. To continue in such a way may inevitably end in disappointment, or even disaster, for those who choose to blindly believe what the data shows, the things we see or hear in the media or people such as government leaders, celebrities and people who are conducting themselves online (think of dating sites/apps, online sellers, email marketers, online consultants, etc). As we evolve more in this online/virtually run world, the advice to do your own research is more widely accepted and understood. You may be asking yourself “how else will I be able to know the truth?”. The answer is simple: trust in your intuition. Developing this natural human skill is becoming critical to safely navigate through life. Honing in on intuition can help you point out fake news, conspiracy, bad deals, unsafe situations, people who have bad intentions or even AI designed to pose as human. Trusting your own intuition is the only way to truly know what’s best for you and if what you’re seeing or hearing is true.

What is Intuition?

Simply put, the intuition is the quiet part of ourselves that whispers rather than yells. It can usually be identified as a feeling, either emotionally or physical, which is why many refer to it as a “gut feeling” or “spidey senses”. The intuition is akin to a sixth sense that each and every one of us has available to help us navigate through day to day life with more ease. Although we are born with intuition, it has not been customary to learn about it, to understand it, work with it or trust it. Fortunately, more children who are being raised by conscious parents are learning more about their intuitions, but for the rest of us, its ultimately up to the individual to acknowledge its presence and work towards developing it.

When I first started working with my intuition, I was often confusing it for my ego. It was also hard for me to learn the difference between an intuitive thought/feeling and worries related to anxious thoughts. Many people experience this same confusion and unfortunately give up on their intuitions due to a lack of trust that forms. This is normal and as you work with your intuition to further develop it, these issues will subside as you learn to trust your “gut” (your intuition).

Knowing the Difference Between Ego and Intuition

Hearing or feeling intuition is like hearing a soft, quiet voice or nudge inside your mind. It’s often repetitive, especially if you are really supposed to heed its call. As it works with your higher self, it’s always guiding you in the best, most loving direction for you, leading you to your highest good. The intuition will never encourage you to do harm to yourself or others, won’t create negative self talk and will never lead you into a situation that is unsafe. If you feel the urge to do these things that are ultimately selfishly motivated, that hurt others or yourself, or that cause you to feel bad, it is a direct indication that the ego has taken over and directing your thoughts and actions. A simple way to remind yourself is to think of it this way: Intuition = loving, soft guidance that feels right. Ego = unloving, loud, selfish and feels wrong.

A good way to know if you’re following your intuition is to think about the outcome of a situation you are involved in and where a decision needs to be made. If the outcome you imagine from taking action or deciding in one direction makes you feel good, relieved, happy, selfless, etc, then you know it’s intuition. However, if following a thought through to the outcome causes you to feel bad, scheming, shameful, undeserving, unworthy, etc, then that indicates the ego is at work.

Fun Ways to Develop your Intuition

The best way to develop the intuition is to make the conscious effort to become more aware of the way your body feels about a person, place or situation in your life. It’s especially helpful to start testing your intuition whenever a decision needs to be made and you are feeling conflicted on which way to go. A fun test you can try is to use your intuition to navigate directions to a place in your city or town that you’ve never visited before. To do this, you must be prepared to let go of “thought” and rely only on instinct. Although you might not get it exactly right, chances are you’ll get close to your destination.

Another test you can try is to predict who’s calling or texting you. The next time you hear your phone ding with a message or have a call coming through, try to guess who it is without looking at the screen. Hint: it’s usually the first person you think of!

Lastly, using Oracle Cards are a great tool to use on a daily basis. This deck that I created is specifically designed to help regular, everyday people learn more about their intuitions and to trust the guidance they are receiving. No special psychic gifts of powers are required to read or interpret these cards, all you need is your intuition! The purpose of the cards is to receive straight forward guidance for your day or a situation you are in. As each card holds several different meanings, it’s teaching you to trust the one meaning for each card that stands out the most for you and your situation. They are a huge success as people love the accuracy of them and the helpful messages they contain! These cards are an excellent tool to invest in for your long term intuitive development. You can find them on my Etsy Shop, Moonstone Salts & Spiritual.

Going within for the Answers you Seek

I also find it helpful to enter into a short meditative state on matters that are rather confusing or conflicting, especially if you are having a tough time knowing if its your intuition speaking or your ego. Committing to a regular meditation practice is an excellent way to build trust in your own knowingness of things in life. I highly recommended daily meditation for overall health and wellbeing, even if it’s only for 5 minutes per day.

Relying on your intuition can pay off huge dividends in your life. Using it daily can lead you to meet good, genuine people from dating sites, where to focus your attention in life, knowing if your job is right for you or not and better protecting yourself from harmful people and situations. As you work towards developing your intuition, keep an open mind and don’t be discouraged if you get it wrong sometimes. Even those with lots of intuitive experience can get it wrong once in a while. Remember that nobody becomes an expert overnight and that to get really good at something takes practice. The more you work on strengthening your intuitive muscle, the easier and more natural trusting it will become.

Thanks for reading!

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