How to Clean and Charge your Crystals

Colleen Smith
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I love the feeling of bringing home a new crystal. Crystals are fantastic energy enhancement tools that can be used to enhance the vibration of a room, in meditation, divination, Reiki or other energy healing practice. Whether you use your crystal for a specific purpose or to keep it as a beautiful addition to your home or altar décor, it’s important to take a few moments to attune the stone to your energy and clean away any leftover energy it may hold. As crystals are powerful harnessers of energy, they are capable of absorbing and emitting energy waves and frequency. For example, Quartz crystals are famous for their ability to record events and energy, even those that occurred since the time of their formation.

As you may not want to wipe the entire memory of your crystal clear, you can attune it to your energy instead and simply clear away anything that may have been left over from its previous owner. Even if your stone arrived directly from the mine or factory, there is still a possibility that it absorbed some energy from the manufacturing and shipping process.

If you’re new to crystal collecting, you might be wondering how the heck you cleanse a crystal and charge it to make it your own. In this article, I share some quick and easy methods to cleanse and charge your crystals. You can use these methods to cleanse new crystals and even older ones that need a bit of a reboot.

Physically cleanse your crystal in a mild soap and water solution.

Before washing your crystals with water, do some research to ensure that your crystal is not water soluble. Most crystal names that end with “ite” are water soluble and may either lose their luster or partially dissolve if placed in water. Some examples are Selenite, Lepidolite, Malachite, Aragonite and so forth. Dyed crystals may also fade their colour if washed or left to soak in water. Even so, most water soluble and/or dyed crystals can put up with a quick rinse in a mild soap and water solution or a gentle wipe down using a damp rag, without losing their physical integrity.

When washing your crystal, have the intention in mind to remove any excess, unhelpful energy that it may be carrying. I recommend that you take steps to carefully cleanse your new crystals in order to gently wash away any bacteria that may be lingering on its surface. Note: all crystals from my shop, Moonstone Salts & Spiritual, are carefully washed/cleaned prior to them being shipped to each customer in order to reduce the spread of any germs, viruses and bacteria.

Placing your crystal(s) under the light of a full moon.

This point is pretty self-explanatory. Many people believe in the powers held by the full moon and the energy that it’s light reflection has when it reaches earth. Allowing your crystal to absorb the energy of a full moon is said to help enhance the crystal’s ability to help you in manifestation. It may also help enhance the intended purpose you have set for your crystal in your energy or divination work.

To charge your crystals in this manner, simply place them in a spot that the moonlight will reach and leave them there overnight. I recommend keeping your crystals indoors to do this; however if you wish to place them outside in the elements, ensure to factor in temperature. Extreme cold can create cracks in crystal when transferred from the cold back into a warm environment.

Filling the crystal with light.

In this exercise, use Source energy to cleanse and purify your crystal. You can do this simply by imagining white light filling each one as you hold them in your hand. You can also channel Reiki energy into the crystal if that is part of your skillset. While doing this exercise, you can also program the crystal for your desired intention.

Program your crystal.

To program your crystal with your desired intention, simply hold it in your hand with your eyes closed and speak or imagine what you wish it to help you with. Each time you use your crystal going forward, it will remember what it’s purpose is for you and will help you in fulfilling the energy work you are intending.

Use your crystal often.

The more you use your crystal, the more it will become attuned to your energy field. There is no need to cleanse the energy of your crystal between uses. Crystals are powerful energy transmitters and may lose some of their specific programming if cleansed of their energy too often.

Frequently Asked Questions about Crystal Care:

Should I keep my crystal covered when it’s not in use?

There is no need to cover up your crystal when it’s not in use. Leaving it out is the best way to reap its energetic benefits. Aside from its beauty, it’s energy will add to the vibration of the room it’s kept in. If you do decide to cover it, be sure to use or admire it often so that it doesn’t lose the connection to your energy. The more you use your crystal the stronger its energy will be with yours.

Should I keep my crystal in sunlight?

Some crystals should not be placed in direct sunlight, such as ones that can create a magnifying effect as they have been known to start fires. Some crystals (both natural and dyed) may also fade their colour if left in direct sunlight for long periods of time. I recommend keeping them within reach of the light, as this can help to boost their energy, but out of direct sunlight.

Can I create an elixir with my crystal?

Certain crystal minerals can be harmful and dangerous for human consumption. Before creating your own crystal elixir for consumption, be sure to do adequate research to ensure that your crystal is not poisonous and that it is not water soluble. For example, Malachite is both poisonous and water soluble. If you are new to crystal elixirs, I recommend purchasing a ready-made elixir or a water bottle that contains a crystal infuser.

As your crystal experience is personal, I recommend practicing cleansing and charging methods and rituals that work best for you and your energy. Enjoy!


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