How the Akashic Records Will Change Your Life!

Colleen Smith
3 min readFeb 21, 2021


Discover the hidden aspects of your soul by tapping into your Akashic Records.

Do you have questions about your life? Whether you’re at an impasse, stuck, confused or just need some direction, the Akashic Records can help! Uncover hidden aspects of your life both past and present or get help in understanding what to do next in a situation.

Simply put, the Record is a vibrational archive of every soul and its journey throughout time as human. It contains your past, present, and even future possibilities and probabilities. It’s a great opportunity to access the spiritual perspective, the soul-level point of view. The Record is a field of light, a safe space for your soul. It is spiritual rather than psychic and isn’t an oracle for divining the future. There are also no cards used in a reading. The records are used to gain information, wisdom or clarity for your soul’s growth in any situation in your life.

I stumbled across the Akashic Records while seeking to learn the truth about humanity, our origins and why we are here. Little did I know that it would ultimately help me to understand key details about my own personal life path, purpose and where I came from. The Akasha has been my greatest tool into understanding myself and my life. It’s been especially helpful in interpreting and uncovering blocks in certain areas in my life that I didn’t think I would ever figure out.

Since tapping into the Akasha, I’ve helped myself and loads of other people to gain wisdom and insight from their own records through my channeled readings. The information revealed during a session never ceases to amaze me as our Guides and Record Keepers patiently await our inquiries into lives most sacred databases of past, present and future probabilities.

The records will help you see yourself and your situation from another perspective. The info is received from the Records directly and channelled through the me as the reader. It’s up to you to understand and interpret the messages they hold for you! The info from the Records is always loving and only what you need to know at the time of your inquiry. They will never share information with you that you are not ready for.

As the reader, I hold no judgement or bias to what is channelled through me and to you. Each reading is personal! Your privacy is very important to me and the information that comes through will never be shared.

Here’s how you can get the best reading:

  • 1. You must be over 18 to receive a reading.
    2. Ask a specific question. The best questions to ask are “how, what, why”.
    3. Only ask questions about yourself.
    4. Avoid “yes or no” answer questions or ones that try to predict the future outcome of a situation.
    5. Be specific with your inquiry.
  • To dive into a deeper understanding of any aspect of your life, follow the link below to schedule your live video reading with me via Zoom 🤗

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I also offer one question written readings for those who want just a taste of the Records. You can order a written reading here.


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Colleen Smith

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