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Everyone has invisible energetic cords attached to them, yet most will live an entire lifetime completely unaware of them and how they could be impacting their lives. Energy cords are neither positive or negative, however it’s important to clear your energy field of them often in order to keep your own flow of energy strong and uninterrupted. In this article, I will explain what cords are, how to identify them, the different types of cords and how to release them. Releasing energetic cords is an excellent way to let go of something in your life that has been holding you back or that has been causing you pain or heartache.

What are energetic cords?

Simply put, energetic cords connect the energy of other people places, things or situations to us. These cords are invisible and are only detected on a psychic or intuitive level. These etheric cords are simply a form of energy attachment that can end up connected to our personal energetic bodies or auras. Unfortunately, many of the cords end up draining our own personal energy fields and therefore must be severed or cut on an energetic level. It’s important to perform a body scan often to detect and detach from any cords that are draining or debilitating you.

Where do they come from?

Etheric cords can be manifested unknowingly anytime you form a connection to a person, place, thing or situation that has created a lot of emotion. They typically connect two people who are in love, people who don’t like each other, people who are involved in abusive situations, accidents, friendships and anything else that creates emotional situations and feelings. The cords are essentially created through thought and emotion.

Not only are energetic cords created by events in this timeline but they may also connect a person to their past lives too. Past life regressions are an excellent way to identify cords that tie you to another life that need to be released and healed.

Why should you release etheric cords?

Etheric cords can be draining, even if they are attached to someone or something we love. They can keep you stuck in life and prevent you from moving forward. People who release cords report feeling more freedom, empowered and energetic afterwards. Releasing cords can help to attract positive people and situations into our lives and open up new doors and avenues of opportunity. This type of energy releasement therapy is also helpful in the process of moving on and letting go. Later in this article I will explain the different types of cords that could show up as attachments on the energetic body.

How do you know if you have cords that are draining you?

You know when there are cords draining you when you can’t stop thinking about someone, a situation or place that caused you to feel emotional. You may keep trying to shake the thoughts or memories and move on but they somehow continue to creep in. Being attached via energetic cords can even feel like a block in a specific area of your life. Some examples could be that you had a heated interaction with someone and now you can’t get them or what happened off of your mind. There could be an ex-lover or friend who continues to show up in your life off and on and cause problems for you. It could be a memory of someone or something that hurt you in the past. Maybe it’s someone who you hurt that’s causing you to feel guilty or unable to move forward in your life today.

Other scenarios often include lovers. Often times, there are cords attached to people who are in active, positive relationships where one person simply misses the other or feels that they need the other person’s love to survive. Cords often also remain present in relationships that have ended.

Other ways to tell that you have cords attached is if you always feel drained after spending time with someone or if there is a recurring negative pattern or habit in your life that you can’t seem to break. Often times, my clients who are looking for love will discover that there are cords attaching them to past lovers which has created unhelpful patterns and behaviors that prevented them from moving on. Energetic cords can tie you to substances which may play a role in addictions and can even be connecting you to certain places that you can’t stop visiting, even if it’s somewhere negative.

Past life cords can be tricky to identify which is why I recommend seeking past life regression therapy in order to understand what cords could be keeping you connected to the past. It’s important to release these cords as it’s likely they no longer serve you in this life. Once you are free of ties from the past, you will be free to move forward in your present life. Even if you are unable to pinpoint cords that tie you to past lives, you can still ask for them to be removed which I will explain further in this article.

The best way to identify cords is through meditation. In my cord cutting sessions, I take my clients through a simple guided meditation and instruct them on what to look for and how to release the cords. Receiving a cord cutting session from an experienced metaphysical practitioner or energy healer can be extremely powerful and effective.

Another way to identify and cut cords is through Reiki healing. In this setting, a Reiki practitioner may identify cords during the treatment and help you energetically release them.

How do you cut the cords?

I personally prefer to view the process as releasing the cords rather than “cutting”. Many people wince at the idea of cutting something that could be attached to them, even if it’s invisible! Releasing etheric cords is absolutely painless. If it helps to change your perspective on the idea, think of it as a haircut. Haircuts are painless rituals that are often symbolic to self renewal and letting go of something old that you’ve been holding onto. Cord cutting sessions are similar and are essentially an epic energetic letting go of that which no longer serves you.

There is no need to worry that loved ones will leave you or that important relationships will fall apart once you release any energetic attachments they may have with you. Cord releasement is simply a way to restore the full flow of source energy to both or all parties involved. In relationships, it’s important to remember that we can be in love and still retain our identity as individual energetic beings. We are all here in our own energetic bodies for different purposes which is why it’s important to release that which isn’t yours and that which no longer serves you. Others may have loving intentions when they unknowingly attach cords to us and vice versa, yet it’s still important to release these energetic attachments with love.

If you are brand new to this concept and want to give it a go, I recommend booking a cord cutting session with an experienced energy healer such as myself. I will help you identify the cords or attachments you wish to release and will then walk you through a guided meditation process to help you dissolve the cords, followed by an energy protection visualization. This is a powerful and effective method of energy releasement that has profound positive effects on my clients.

If you are performing a self-scan and releasement, it’s important to know that this type of energetic attachment can reveal itself in a multitude of ways. Energetic/etheric cords often resemble long, clear, plastic surgical tubes that you will see attached to your energetic body and to another person, place or situation. They may also take the form of hooks, chains, ropes, siphons or portals. Everyone will see the cords slightly differently and that’s OK. Trust your intuition throughout the process.

In order to release these energy attachments, you must be willing to do so! If you go through the ritual or session without your heart in it, it will not work. To do the releasement on yourself, you can simply close your eyes and call upon Archangel Michael to help you identify and release or remove the cords for you. This works for cords that are attached to any past lives. All you need to do is ask for them to be released and if you are truly willing to let go, it will be done.

What to expect after a cord cutting session or ritual

The results will vary for each individual; however, many people report feeling renewed and restored after a session. Cutting cords can certainly bring up a load of emotions as well, which is why self care is essential after a cord cutting ceremony or session. Some people may also experience a physical release that may express itself as crying, mild chills or hot flashes. Any physical symptoms during or after a releasement usually pass rather quickly. It’s important to note that the body will not be physically harmed during a cord cutting session as it is all done purely on an energetic and psychic level. In fact, cord cutting can be very healing as it may even resolve certain physical ailments related to the attachment that was hindering your energy.

If you are an energy healer or empathic person, I recommend performing intuitive body scans often to identify and release etheric cords that may be hindering you. I personally incorporate etheric cord releasement into my daily meditations as a way to maintain my body as a clear conduit of source energy for my energy healing sessions.

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